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Killzone 3 - Game Teview

Pyrrhic nuked ruins give a beautiful graphic tone which feeds the rest of the game, and Killzone 3 discusses criticism of its predecessors by employing various - including a colourful exotic jungle places, a space station and a polar outpost.
The gameplay is beautiful ranged wide, with an abundance of vehicles with drivers (including a spacecraftand an exoskeleton), large machine gun equipped with jet-packs some monstrous Helghasts weapons (such as multiple - lance-rockets that can be torn from their mounts) and even a touch of stealth at a time.
There are some very memorable boss-battles, particularly that which includes a 20-storey-tall super-mech unmounting called a MAWLR. Guerrilla Games clearly set out to create something as cinematic as Call of Duty, and this time, he succeeds impressive.

Bulletstorm - Game Review

It has all the answers to a few games levels ose. Certainly not would not want falling into the hands of an eight - year. But it also includes jokes - the script is by Marvel Rick Remender - and a plot and some fantastically creative twists that make it quite and pleasant shamelessly. Need a highly experienced no gamer pas uncontrollable whoop at least twice during the main game.
You play the mercenary Grayson hunt - think Wolverine, only chunkier – who of Dead Echo team has been protecting the sinister Sarrano General and dirty work done Sarrano. When dead Echo realize that Sarrano is not what he appeared and call into question the legitimacy of their activity, they find themselves labeled "namby pamby cocksucks" exiled on the edges of the Galaxy as a single memorable character, "draw a hell of a boner vengeance."